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Pretty Hurts

Hello sweeties, I'm back this lovely summer morning with another outfit post ! I'm going to the Paradise City festival today, so make sure to keep en eye on my Insta-stories !  Anyway, I'll leave you to enjoy the look I put together for now.

What I wore: - Poppy Lovers blouse - skirt from a two piece I have - Tory Burch heeled slides - Pepe Jeans purse
This is a really comfy look to go in the city for instance, but the color play is so fab that it makes it quite chic ^^
Kisses, R.

Sunny Friday

Hi guys, The weekend is here! What are you going to do this weekend? I'm actually super excited for the Paradise City festival tomorrow ! I just can't wait to listen to good music, have a drink and just enjoy the sun !  As for today, well, I have a really cool look that I want to share with you :) It's quite casual and cute ! 

What I wore:  - Poppy Lovers dress - Dolce Vita sandals - SammyDress purse - Zaful hat
Thank you and have a lovely day ! 
Best, Ruxandra

The one that I want

Hi guys, Oh, I just saw the most beautiful performance of John Travolta and Olivia Newton performing their "You're the one that I want" song, 35 years after the movie... Now that's a way of admitting to yourself that time passed like a rocket ! I remember when I was little and used to listen to that song... I'm so sad to see all the good actors ageing; it's like this process that looks slow, but in reality, it's super fast ! I also look back on my blog and see posts from 2012 for instance and think "gosh, where did the time go?". To tell you the truth I'm very happy to actually leave something behind and these (almost) daily  outfit posts mean something more to me rather then a fashion show, to say so, they are proof that time flies, that we are ageing and you can see a little bit of "stolen youth" in each picture going on a chronological scale. So, today, without further ado, here you have the outfit post ! 

What I wore: - RoseGal

One and only

Hi guys, I would like to thank you all for your concern for yesterday. Yes, I passed by the Central Station, but it was like one hour distance ( or more) before the attack. It's such a shame we are meant to live in a world like this where you have to think that each moment can be your last. I supposed this is, more or less, how people were feeling during wars; maybe on a higher scale, but still with that doubt that maybe the day you wake up can be your last. That's why you have to make each moment count !  I'm gonna still do my thing, regardless to what may or may not happen.  And I'm also back with a new outfit post, as usual :) I have an awesome mix in between punk and delicate, black and white lace, very unique, very different, but still wearable.

What I wore: - Poppy Lovers top - Pimkie jeans - LightintheBox fishnet tights - Zara booties - Lightinthebox purse
Really hope you like this look as well :)

Kisses, R.

Romper love

Hi guys, The temperatures are super high here in Brussels, very bizarre for this time of the year, but I will always prefer 33C rather than clouds and rain !  I have a really appropriate outfit for this exact type of weather. Who likes super cute rompers? 🙋

What I wore: - Zaful romper - Sam Edelman sandals - Mango purse
I really hope you like the look, sweeties !  I'll be back with more very soon ^^

Kisses, R.


Hi guys, A new week has started and I'm super excited to bring you this awesome ootd right before I part. I'm going to the sea today ! YEY  ! And this evening I have a super cool event so be sure to check my stories on Instagram :) Anyway, back to the look I have instored for you... I totally love how everything fell into place and the fact that I had a turban that day ( because actually I was wearing my oil mask underneath ), made the look even more interesting and stylish. I'm positive you'll just love it ! 

What I wore: - LightintheBox jumpsuit - Rocco Barocco satchel from MaisonLab  - River Island wedged sandals

Can't wait to read your comments and opinions about the look !  "See" you soon :)
Kisses, R.