Saturday, April 18, 2015

C'est un choix

Hello sweeties,
Oh how the weeks pass through and I'm super happy that I know that it wouldn't be long until my braces will come off and I'll have an amazing smile.  I know that I'm all "Grumpy cat" in my photos, but I do like to post as a magazine model in my pics. I find it more attiring to shoot my looks on a magazine style level. Probably I'll be more "smiley" when I'll have my braces off...next year lol.
Anyway, here is a very cute and lovely outfit I put together for this Saturday, featuring this pastel dress from Chicwish which really brings out the feminine part of every girl. The thing I like the most of Chicwish clothes is the fabric, being one of a really good quality! 
But I'll leave you to check out my cool look now ^^

What I wore:
- Chicwish dress ( find it here)
- Zara heels, bag and sunnies

Can't wait to read all your comments <3
Hope you like my look and I welcome you tomorrow for another ootd post ^^

Friday, April 17, 2015


Hi guys,
I find myself working 24/7 and I'm beginning to be so tired and pushy...I have such a bad character :(
The only thing I love so much is doing my blog...the reason I keep doing it is that you are such a wonderful audience and I just can't help myself from shooting my outfit everyday and share new ideas,new inspiration with you. <3 Thank you very much for that! <3
Today I have a comfy outfit, seing that I needed to go downtown for some shopping and errands. There is nothing I love more than a comfy outfit from time to time, the need to move freely and at the same time looking cool and everything. This could be a perfect outfit for school as well, knowing that Mr. GUGU& Miss GO is so popular among the teens these days. :)
I'm no teen, but I still love my Wolves sweater from them ! I'll let you check out this awesome look  ^^

What I wore:
- Mr.GUGU & Miss GO sweater ( find it here)
- Guess pants
- Bershka sneakers
- Urban Outfitters backpack 

Thank you for visiting my blog and I do hope you like my look. Don't forget to leave me a comment and if you like my work, follow me on my social network for more :) !

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Pas moyen là

Hello lovies,
In case you are wondering what's with all the French titles lately, well, the story goes like this. I once had a crush and he was so ignorant and distant that he practically repeated the same sentences, words, etc. just to push me away. I guess we all have been through a rough patch with that "type" of guy, so you know what I'm talking about. And not to worry, the saga will continue "again and again" tomorrow. :D
So, returning to a more fashionable part of my life, the ootd post! Yayyy!! I went for a soft summer look, and I can't lie, this lovely white dress from TOMTOP is more accurate for a music festival, the beach or a park walk. It's very transparent too. I had a double underneath so you can't see much :D

What I wore:
- Guess by Marciano heels
- TOMTOP dress ( find it here)
- Michael Kors bag

So, this is the outfit for today. Can't wait to read all your comments <3
Thank you for being so supportive and it really means a lot to me seing so many wonderful people reading my blog <3

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

L'amour est pour les amoureux

Hi guys,
With a 100% certified summer day I felt so inspired and I wanted to create an outfit that will rock your world :). Well, I don't know if I succeeded, but you have to give some credits that it is indeed an awesome mix. I have the lovely kimono from LUCLUC store, which is totally what I needed as my center piece, not to mention that kimonos are hot this season. A plain pair of shorts from  Bershka, lace top and sandals from Zara, Chicwish sunglasses and TOMPOP purse 
I think it's a really well thought look. Just check it out :

What I wore:
- LUCLUC kimono ( find it here)
- Zara shoes and lace top
- Chicwish sunnies ( find them here)
- Tomtop purse ( find it here)
- Urban Outfitters jewellery 

Sorry for the big amount of photos, but they turned out so nice <3
What's your favorite piece?
Thank you for visiting my blog and I welcome you again!
See ya tomorrow :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Hi guys,
I'm super excited for today's outfit. I tried a new hair-do that I made up and it really has this daring appeal. My bandage halter dress is from Hego, and I styled it up with what I had already from past collections, like my ankle strap shoes from Bershka and my clutch from Parfois. I really wanted to achieve a fearless look, very powerful and feminine all at the same time. 
I'm going to leave you check it out now:

What I wore:
- Hego bandage dress ( find it here)
- Bershka heels
- Parfois clutch
- H&M earrings

So, this is the look for today. I hope that you like it and don't hesitate to leave a comment with your honest opinion :)
Critic is always constructive...or it supposed to be :)